Printing Information and Options

Every photo has a story to tell.  What is amazing is how differently each of those stories can be told.  How a photo is printed is an important element to the art.  I take the time to think about and evaluate each photograph before pursuing printing options for that photo.  All of the photos are well represented on professional photo paper.  Some, however, can stand out beautifully when printed on other materials.  Matching the photo to the appropriate materials is a critical element to the art.

WMCaddo 1.jpg

Photo Paper

You can't go wrong purchasing any of my photos on high quality, long lasting, professional photo paper.  I typically use a lustre finish, although for some photos, a matte finish compliments the subject in a way that lustre does not.  I also sometimes use a reflective finish on the photo paper, especially for photos that have water or other reflective surfaces.


Aluminum Prints

Some photographs appear spectacular on aluminum.  The metal I use is thicker than most and is not easily bent.  The colors appear brighter with more clarity and intensity.  Aluminum is not always a good choice though.  There are some photos, especially those that are darker, that do not benefit from aluminum printing.  I love to use aluminum for photos with metal in the subject, or for water or reflections. 


Canvas Prints

Many of my photos can look amazing on canvas.  The texture of the canvas can be very complimentary for the subject in the photographs.  I would recommend canvas for many of the country photos and farm photos.  The canvas prints look good framed or unframed, depending on the particular look you want in your space.


Wood and Burlap

There are some photos that just ask to be printed on something different and unique.  I have used both wood and burlap for printing and, although for most photos I wouldn't suggest it, there are some that look phenomenal on these materials.  I look at photos on a case by case basis for these prints.  With such dramatic material, the image chosen is critical.